From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 1

What changed in me? Maybe it was the intense chest pains that I got from time to time or the dreams about dying. The thought of dying did not scare me much, what terrified me was knowing no one would attend my funeral, except my immediate family, which is not like I do not appreciate that from them but honestly it would have felt as if they would do it simply to not look bad. I do not blame them for that, after all, what was I? But a useless teenager with absolute no skill besides that of consuming and not even a wise consumer. Basically I had not acquired a single skill, virtue, or talent in all my living. I had sufficient time to learn any skill, sport, language, or talent under the sun, that of speed reading, skateboarding, learn French, Russian or whatever else there is to learn but no I did not. I spent my time getting high off of TV, foods rich on calories and processed sugars, and several other ‘legal drugs’. Yet what I learned the most from that experience was that only because something is not illegal, that does not mean it is damaging towards yourself. There are more harmful legal activities than there are illegal, so walk carefully and do not be deceived. Learn from my mistakes and used them in your life to help you become better. Next time, we will discuss what exactly made me see all of these errors. How was it that I came to realize what I was doing wrong? After all, a crazy person fails to see their own craziness and so does the person who commits several mistakes.


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