From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 2

What made me change, was not one person in particular. The desire to talk to other people and socialize forced me to change. That desire forced to go out and talk to more people. That desire forced to break my shyness, get out, and chase what I want. Now I possess the ability to truly only do activities I enjoy or that I know will bring joy in the future. No more watching TV, reading Facebook articles, leaning in to hear the gossip about that person, or curious about any subject that it did not involve me. Technically I only focus on myself and what makes me happy, sounds a little selfish, but guess what? Every human being likes to help. I help other people because it brings me satisfaction knowing I helped someone have a better day, even if it was a little task such as helping them push their car that got stuck in the middle of traffic or maybe just opening the door for them. Those simple actions actually make me feel better and hopefully it makes the person feel better too. I wish I could do more such as help children in Africa or in other places where help is needed but I lacked the resources to do so, mentally, physically, and financially. Several people I hear say that if they had money they would help the poor and hungry, yet they could make more money but they choose not to either by idleness or fear. Also, note how easy it is for us to blame others, especially those who have more than us. Yet do not be so quick to judge because you can never know what someone else had to go through to get to where they are today. To help you visualize it let me ask you this, what would your brother say if you asked him if you deserve more than him or if he thinks you have worked for everything that you have? Think about that question for a moment before continuing. Now, if your brother is like 99% of other brothers out there he will say ‘no’ you have not deserved everything you got and that their parents preferred you over him. So if your own brother thinks you do not deserve what you have gotten, imagine what a stranger will think. So please next time, be more aware of what others had to do to earn their assets. This is an important to take before continuing to improve, before becoming successful because to become successful you cannot go around life thinking of yourself as superior or better than others. You could but think of someone who belittles you because they think they are better. I know this may not be exactly what you expected but I hope you see the value in it.


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