From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 4

Now what? You may be asking yourself. What to do now after you learn that all it takes is to look at the positive side of any situation and to maintain a positive attitude? That is the key to success but there are several other factors that contribute to success. Just one virtue, skill, or talent does not bring success. Why? Well, nothing is easy, if succeeding required only one virtue, everyone could do it. Second, as human beings we need variety, that is why we shop for different clothes and watch different TV shows and movies. Only one for as great as it may be would not work, even the greatest movie and favorite foods become obsolete and boring. Turning life into a double edged sword where you rise to the top by not having to be the best yet after reaching the top someone else might bring you down just as easily. How can you prevent that to happen? I am still at the bottom so I cannot say I know the answer from experience yet I have an idea how. To stay at the bottom you need to adapt to the continuous changing environment in which we live in. That is basically how you reach the top as well yet several successful people stay the same and retain the same strategies they used in the past and that is why sometimes we see companies that were once great fall down. We ask ourselves how did that happen? How can someone who seemed to be doing so well fail like that? By the way, if you are not asking yourself these questions I would recommend that you start asking questions like that because they help to get the ball rolling in your brain. It helps our problem solving skills. Problems are questions to which no one has found the answer yet. Making questions shows someone is really thinking about whatever it is that intrigued them. However, making observations is a crucial part of the process of problem solving as well. If you do not observe and start asking questions sporadically then you will realize that some of those questions were unnecessary and you could have found the answer with a little patience. Basically, to have great problem solving skills, you need two skills; observational skill and knowing how to ask the right questions. For some reason, making observations and asking questions out loud helps to the process. It is as if thinking about it and hearing it at the same time helps us find an answer more quickly. Start with easy tasks, such as, “why is the pigeon walking around?” Or, “why do we have eyelashes?” For as obvious as the answers may be I recommend you ask yourself those two questions as a warm-up and then go out into the real world for more serious questions. Have a great day and I hope you have made some great observations and asked some great questions.


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