From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 5

I hope you went out to and made some good observations. Like I said previously, observations are important, they are important because by making good observations you can strike up conversation with anyone. You can make an observation about their appearance or by their apparel. Let’s say for example someone wearing a unique hat or accessory is a perfect opportunity to ask something about it. Sometimes people are more open than others and so how receptive the person varies per individual. Of course you can do things that will make people more receptive but you studying them is only a waste of time because once the opportunity to talk to someone comes up, especially if it is something you do not normally, your brain might go blank for a few seconds. Similar to what happens to some people when they see their crush, they panic and do not know what to do. So what will reading all those books be of any benefit if the brain will forget at the time of action. That is why practice makes perfect and you have to practice everyday and find out what works and what does not. Unless it is something truly important to yourself then I do not recommend doing it. I recommend only for extreme introverts to do this because they need to practice talking to people whenever they get an opportunity. So go out there and talk to the first stranger that you, no matter how he looks because if you keep procrastinating then no change will ever come to your life. Now go do it and see you back tomorrow.


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