From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 6

So before rushing into things and telling you what to do next after you have gained the confidence to talk to someone, I would encourage you to take another day to go out and meet people. There is no rush in getting through this articles, stories, anecdotes or whatever you may want to call them. Please take one more day and see the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone for the second time. So, hopefully you did and now that you are back and feeling more confident let’s keep going on this journey. After being able to talk to people I would recommend that you learn more about people. Learn to distinguish one from the other by simply looking at them, by their appearance. Society says not to judge people based on their appearance but I say that is wrong, nobody does it anyways, and people just say it to sound good and make themselves feel like a better person. Please do not be hypocrites like them, however, also do not think you have the right to tell other people about their mistakes and what they should change about themselves. I do not know what mistakes you have or why you have them and all the mistakes and flaws I have talked up to this point are the ones I had. The reason of me writing about them is to warn and hope you do not do them. Let’s get back to recognizing people, first of, there are always exceptions but they are rare so you never know who might be the exception. That means everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and give them some time until they start showing their true colors. Realize who are the doers and who are the nay sayers, but with the utmost importance of not keep improving yourself.Pay attention and remember this carefully, do not see other people’s mistakes to judge them or make yourself feel better, only acknowledge them in order to prevent yourself from committing the same mistakes. I do believe every has the same value as human beings and that one does not have more right to live than the other. However you can earn your right to a good life, and live heaven on earth rather than waiting until dying to see heaven (if you are religious). Be careful you befriend, because your friends determine who you are. Why would you hangout with someone that likes things that you do not like? It makes no sense right. I do not mean things like different music or different tastes in movies but different hobbies and habits. If you hang out with people who like to play video games all day then you yourself will start to play more video games because of that desire to fit in with the group. Hence, I recommend spending your time with people who do things you see as virtuous, such as reading or that have healthy habits. There is a saying in Spanish that goes, “it is better to be alone than with bad company.” So if you cannot find people with habits that you would like for yourself to have, sadly, but truly it would be wiser to spend time by yourself and acquire those habits that you wish to have. From all of what I have said please remember these two things: learn from others’ mistakes but do not judge them and spend your time wisely with people or alone. Do those two things and you will be farther ahead than most.


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