From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 7

Now that I told you to look at other people’s mistakes but without thinking high and mighty of yourself. That is very important, it is all about being a wise ass but without the ass. Everyone knows you are always right but nobody hates you for it and you manage to never make anyone feel self-conscious about themselves. Always keep that in mind but of course I do not mean to not contradict others or to not say what you really mean. I will give you an example, someone says how much they love playing guitar and doing other things and they emphasize how much effort and time they put into it. You know that is not true because if they had put half the effort they are talking about then they would be the best at that particular activity. Yet, you are not going to call them out on it, just let them say whatever they want to say and observe what is ‘iffy’ about it. However, look at their qualities as well because everyone has different qualities and different flaws. It is a good habit to always look and learn from both sides. For as small as that quality and mistake may be do not ever let them go unnoticed. Learn through osmosis, that is basically the saying, “monkey see, monkey do.” You learn by observing others, I have noticed that is how people who never got a formal education learned. They learned by observing how others operated and did what needed to be done. Learn like that, learn through osmosis and notice how much more your life changes. Learn what upsets people and what makes them happy. Body language is universal, you know when someone is upset, happy, or sad even without understanding what they are saying. Watch a movie with no sound and observe the different emotions throughout the movie. Actors are very accurate in depicting different emotions, which everyone can do but they do it unwillingly normal people do not evoke an emotion but react through their facial expressions to how they feel. So the same expressions you see on the movies will be seen on real people. Now go out and try this new skill and come back tomorrow and tell how much you learned about people and social interactions in general.


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