From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 8

Now that you can observe the qualities and mistakes in other people please let us continue on to the next step. Before let me give you a quick reminder, never feel superior to anyone, and you can always learn from someone, for as inept as they might look, trust me, everyone has value in some way, otherwise they would not be around. Never forget that, moving on. What you need to do next is participate in activities and discussions either at home, work, or school. Start with your home if you do not participate in family meetings or activities. You can start by bringing up new ideas for activities such as picnics or road trips. If you are at school, remember to raise your hand when the teacher asks a question, or ask a question if you did not understand what the teacher said. Doing this more often will help get you out of the horrible place known as the comfort zone. Do this at work also, whenever there are office meetings, gather the courage whenever the boss asks for opinions or different ways to perform the job. If he asks it is because he truly wants to know your opinion and unless you say something an immature high school freshman would say then I know the boss will appreciate your opinion. This will be hard and I have to admit that sometimes I have trouble doing this myself but it is a crucial part to get out of your comfort zone. At first you might stutter and even forget what you say and coming back from that loss and feeling of humiliation is hard but please keep in mind that if you give up and never try again then you will never overcome that fear. I am not there to personally help you but I can give you advice and assure you that this advice works. So I can promise to keep my end of the deal, which is how to overcome social anxiety but I cannot force you to do it. It is similar to having a weight trainer that shows you the best exercises to gain muscle and lose weight but he cannot lift weights for you. If he lifts weights only he benefits but you do not. So basically to succeed in life you need two things: knowledge and action. You could get by without the knowledge during the first stages of any area but without the action you will never get anywhere. Right now you have the knowledge on what small steps to take that will make you overcome social anxiety. But only you can take action. So take action and do it immediately, even one second is one second too late. There is no time left and the more you wait, the harder it will become.Next, we will talk about how to stay motivated.


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