From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 9

Let’s go over the most important aspect of what motivates you and how to stay motivated. Whatever motivates works, do not let other people make you think that you want is not important or superficial. After all, you are here to make yourself happy, not others. You can choose to help others but as you will notice with time. most people do not think they need help and do not wish for anyone to help them. It is useless to help someone who does not want help. That person will only get angry and frustrated which will cause for you to get angry and frustrated, a lose-lose situation. The best way to know if someone needs your help, is when they ask for it, otherwise do not help them. It sounds harsh, but trust me helping someone ungrateful is not worth it. I understand that you do not help others expecting something in return but when all you get in return is anger and hostility, is better to keep some distance. The same goes with advice, never give advice without being asked for it first, it is rude and seems pretentious from your part. The person you are giving advice to will feel attacked if you give them advice without them having asked you for it. Those are the two things I want to tell you before moving on, what motivates you is special and do not let others make you feel bad about it and never help people who do not want help. Now, how to know what motivates you? Well, the first place to look at, is your mind. What do you think about all day? What do you think about doing that makes you happy? Let’s say for example, if going to the movie theater makes you happy then stay motivated by saying to yourself, if I perform this job better I will be able to get a raise and go to the movies more often. Or if you like to play guitar, say to yourself, if I work hard enough I will be able to afford that guitar I always wanted. Traveling is another good example, so say to yourself, if my boss likes how I work then I will be able to convince him to give me a week off so I can travel. Hopefully, you see where I am trying to get with this, whatever it is that motivates you, use it to your advantage to move forward in life. Know that one day you will be able to achieve your goal by working hard and smart. No one’s dreams are impossible or dumb and do not let others try to convince you otherwise. It is true that people, people poor in thought will try to convince you that it cannot be done because when you do achieve your dreams it will make them feel like a failure for some reason. It is strange how your success affects them personally but that of other people. It is like how I read once that people will compare themselves to others in a similar position. For example, a homeless man feels happier knowing that others have less than him, rather than comparing himself to Bill Gates for example. He knows Bill Gates has much more, so comparing himself to another homeless person (who has less) will make him feel superior. I digressed from the topic of motivation but I was trying to explain to you why other people will try to make you feel bad about your dreams. Now, going back to how to stay motivated; all I can say is that whatever you wish you could do is your motivation. You need to want that enough that it will make you become a better person. Some boys in ancient tribes, valued becoming a man so much they will risk their lives by going through tests in order to prove to others they are a man. Thankfully we do not live on those times anymore, now we can prove ourselves through other tests in academics or sports. I will repeat myself one more time and hope you can understand what I am trying to say, to stay motivated all you need is a dream and a huge desire to achieve that dream. Imagine accomplishing your dream when you wake up, think to yourself, “what could I do today that will get me closer to achieving my dream?” After thinking about it, do whatever it takes to achieve that dream. Your dream is your goal in plan – family, friends, money, cars, houses, traveling, etc.. Always pursue what you like, without regard of how hard it looks and what others think. Now, think about what you could do right now, to achieve your dreams and go do it.


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