From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 10

Today I hope you woke up full of energy and enthusiastic for the day. Today is a Friday and as an introvert I feel this is actually the worst day because you know everyone else (at least most) is going out with friends and having a good time. I know it hurts but stay strong and do not give up, one way to always stay positive is to think about the future. Think about how excellent your life is going to be in a few years (if you work on it but more on that later), not about how sad and lonely it is right now. See this alone time as an opportunity to hone your skills, to do an activity you like such as reading, playing an instrument, or playing a sport. Since you do not have any plans or anything else better to do (if you are not at work or school) then why not spend your time wisely and do something productive. I understand that watching a movie or listening to music seems like the easiest thing to do but it does more harm than good. Killing time is the worst thing a person can do because we, humans, are made of time, we die after a certain amount of years, so when you kill time, you are basically killing yourself slowly and prematurely. I hope you see how urgent it is to stop wasting time watching TV or doing any other activity that does not require work (video games do no count). I do not have a biased against technology, instead I love it  but only when it is used wisely. If you learn how to use your phone productively, by downloading apps that teach you new skills. Instead of downloading League of Legends, try downloading an app that teaches you a new language, or an app that helps you find people to go on hikes, or just someone to do something basically. You could even download an app that teaches how to build an app. These are just suggestions, I cannot force you to do anything nor I want to but I know how much better your life will be if you do them and that is why I get so excited when I talk about this. I may not show it on my writing (I am not a writer) but inside of me, as I am writing this, I am jumping off of my seat trying to make you see the importance of spending time wisely, also known as time management. I realized I was not lonely because of my lack of social skills (those contribute but they are not the sole reason), it was because I did not have anything to talk about. All I could talk about was how I watched about 20 different movies and played video games for the past 4 hours. Several people play video games and watch TV, but when that is all you do then it is not as exciting. Now, please, go out and learn something new everyday, whether that is a new word, a new dance move, a new song, or a new technique in something you already do. Once you start taking action and doing more things, things change and you will honestly feel better about yourself. Let me remind you not to bite off more than you can chew, at first try two different activities to do and as time goes by, slowly build to more but no more than two to start. Lesson for today, manage time wisely and do not spend all day watching TV (netflix and youtube count as TV), listening to music, or just doing nothing. Learn a new skill and see how, slowly but surely, things start to change.


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