From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 11

I might as well just with “hopefully” in all of my articles because I truly hope you did what I said. With that being said, hopefully you learned something new yesterday, whether that be a new word or a whole language, we are not talking about volume (how much you learned of something) but just if you did learned at least one thing. Now I am going to talk about a subject I talked a little about before but it is so important I want to explain it in better detail so you can understand and see its importance. DO NOT feel superior to others, I have to admit I felt superior to others because I got better grades than most people and getting those good grades did not feel like much work to me so I felt like a genius. In reality I was the complete opposite, I was dumber than most people and I simply was an almanac, a memorizing machine (with not even that big of a memory) someone who could not think for itself but rather could only memorize facts. It helps in life to have a good memory but if that is all you have then I am sorry to say you will not get far. I only know that because I never did get any far with just a good memory. Whenever a new subject of conversation came up I had absolutely nothing to say because I had no problem solving skills or creativity to expand the subject even without knowing much about it. It basically comes down to asking the right questions, knowing how to ask them. Asking the question is the hardest part because if you feel superior to them then you will think they have nothing to say that you do not know already. So, I am going to ask you to please put your pride aside and understand that no one knows everything and that the homeless person eating expired food from the trash can might know something you do not. If your reason of not asking is shyness for example then let me tell why you should not be shy anymore. Although before asking a question, think about it just to make sure it is not something they have said already, in which case it might offend and make them think you ignored them. So, by asking a question you show you pay attention and are interested in the subject. They will feel flattered and even enthusiastic to talk about it. (make sure also that it was a subject they seemed happy to talk about, do not ask questions about a relative that just passed away or another recent tragedy). Always try to think of others as equals in value to yourself and the environment itself will change for the better. Friendliness will surround the air and trust me does that feel good. When you legitimate like someone else, it will be hard for them not to like you back. To prove it, think of this, remember ever watching a movie where a guy liked a girl but she did not like him back. That is the typical “good guys never win” scenario but that is not true. Good guys do win in the end, it just takes time and fortunately for you, since all you want from the other person (male or female) is a friendship then it will not take years for them to like you back but rather a few seconds. That will only happen if you like the other person, which it is not so hard to like someone after knowing they are a human being too, with fears and dreams. We all have those so why not learn more about them? Next time I will talk about why feeling superior and getting good grades at school might be working against you.


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