From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 13

Today I am going to talk about how to develop a routine?I do not think there is a better time to write about this topic (at least for me) because today I felt tired throughout the second part of the day and did not feel like doing anything but I still did. I was not always like that, if I felt the least bit tired I would not even get out of bed but that changed. If you want to change that as well let me tell you one thing that might change your mind and motivate you. Remember how I was talking about that to stay motivated you need to visualize your dream everyday and ask yourself, “What can I do today that will get me closer to my dream?”Well that is not enough to get you out of bed, what I think will motivate you to get out of bed is knowing that if you do those small little tedious tasks such as studying, even if it is only for 20 minutes then you will be closer to achieving your dream. Remember life is a long distance race, so do not burn yourself out early in the race because you might not even be able to finish it by doing that. Those who try to study 3 hours to make up for the past two weeks do not make it because they burn themselves out. I know you think you can but please do not be that person from world star who thinks they look cool while fighting and end up getting knocked out in the funniest way, after all, that is why it is in world star. Think of it this way as well, what if you wanted to start working out 1 hour a day, three times a week but never get to it until 2 months later. At this point you decide to make it up by adding all those hours and doing them at once. In this case that would add up to 24 hours! Imagine working out for 24 hours straight, the worst part about this is, that even if you can workout for 24 hours straight you would not see any results. Remember that changes do not occur immediately, especially with working out because the muscles need to rest to actually grow, so working them out all the time is actually bad. I am not a personal trainer but that is a key concept. As well as with other aspects of life, by learning a few jokes you do not become a comedian, by reading a book on how to write a book, you do not become a writer. It is essential to take time to learn all the knowledge in those specific areas and then do them. Remember these two important steps: preparation and action. Prepare first and then act, sometimes it is better to act first to know what it is that needs to be prepared because you do not want to prepare for the wrong thing. That would be a waste of time. Now going back to the subject of developing a routine, remember to only have two habits whether that be working out and reading, reading and painting, working out and painting or whatever you want to do. To maintain that motivation, keep in mind that if you do them everyday for a short amount of time then you will be getting closer to achieving your goal by the day. Before you know it, that day will come when your dream comes true. I will repeat it one last time, by doing the small tedious activities everyday, you are ensuring success and coming closer to it by the day. Life works the same as a quadratic equation, for those of you who do not know how one works I will explain it to you. A quadratic equation has the shape of a U (positive or negative). I will come up an example to help you visualize the power of the quadratic equation better. Let’s pretend you are saving money and start with only 2 pennies. At first it might not seem like much but with time it will grow to such a vast amount. It will grow to 4, then to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and it will keep doubling itself which for now the amounts are so small they seem unimportant. You need laser vision to see through time, and know that one day it will reach 100 dollars, the next 200, the next 400, the next 800, and the more it grows, the faster it starts to grow. Similar to the snow ball effect. That is how your life and habits grow, insignificantly small at first to even notice but with time they grow to a huge amount where everyone else starts to notice. I urge you to keep up those good habits and to think of your dream whenever you are tired. Think like this, “I can either do this and get closer to my dream or postpone which actually means never doing it and never achieving my dream.” Which one will you choose? Whatever it is, I hope you choose wisely. Hint, hint choose to do it and get closer to your dream


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