From Introvert to Extrovert: Pa 14


The Importance of a Positive Attitude

When I was younger no one ever told me what makes a good person. I grew up following the actions of others such as my older brothers and uncles because we did not grow up with our father. My mother never taught me right from wrong, she would only get mad if I got bad grades at school or broke something. All I knew throughout my teenage years was that to be good I had to get good grades and not cause any trouble that could cost money. I never got into any trouble with the law or my parents. By never causing any trouble and getting good grades at school I grew up thinking I was a good person. For most of my teenage years that is how I felt, like a good person, but as time went by my self-esteem started to decrease and I started to feel worse every day, not physically but emotionally. Why? I never get into trouble and helped around the house. So why did I feel so bad if I have everything someone needs? I thought to myself. I did not find the answer for a few years but what helped get started was when I met Aaron.There were two instances that stuck to me for the value they provided in my life and how they helped change my perspective of life. One was when I was playing a drum set (app) in my phone but I did not enjoy it as much because I was not good yet I kept trying. After a few minutes, I showed it to Aaron and he only played for a few seconds before giving it back but he seemed to enjoy it even when he was not good either. I noticed he was happy after playing, as if he truly enjoyed even if it was only for a few seconds. When I saw him enjoy something as simple as a drum set in a phone I realized how harder I was making my life by not enjoying simple moments like that. The best part about those moment is that they boost my energy, even if it only takes a few seconds it will make me feel better for the whole day. The other one, the most important, was when Aaron called me to go skate with him but I told him I could not because I was about to exercise. Then I had the idea of going with him to the skate park and exercise there. Usually there is few people so I thought why not. Well, it turned out it was full, so when we get there I told him I did not want to exercise anymore because of the people. He tells me that the people should not matter, that why should I care about them if I am not doing anything wrong or immoral. Yes, exercising in front of others is uncomfortable but uncomfortable situations do not affect positive people in a negative way. That taught that not caring what other people think will help improve and move forward in your life. Change started to happen a few months after I met him. It took some time for me to notice how a great attitude can change one’s life. One way I noticed it immediately, was when he showed me new spots to skateboard. I liked to skate but thought that there were no good spots to skate where I lived. I was always complaining about how much I hated that place because there was nothing good in it. Shortly after I met Aaron he showed me the numerous spots I had always seen but never noticed. I was leading a happier life not only for the new spots he showed me but also for acquiring a new perspective towards life. Yet, even after spending time with him I still had not learned that big quality of his. Which, it took for him to move to another state for me to noticed, not immediately either. After he moved I went back to my old routine of watching TV and playing video games all day. It was not long before I noticed how much it affected me emotionally. Which is normal I think, that whenever a good friend moves away, but I was having that same feeling of loneliness I had before I met him. He left for a few months and then came back; I had not changed so I was happy when he returned. This pattern of him moving and coming back went on for a few times. I was still oblivious about how important it was to have a positive attitude, yet I took the first step when I decided to start working out. Aaron and I had always wrestled around for fun and he would always win so I thought if I started working out and be as strong as he was maybe I would feel better about myself. All I gave up was an hour every day from watching TV, so I thought it was a good deal. My life change drastically after that, I started to enjoy everything I did, from homework to house chores. More people seemed to like hanging out with me also because I had a positive attitude and had other things to say besides, “Greeley sucks and stinks.” I adopted a whole new philosophy towards life, “A positive attitude keeps you on a high altitude.” I tried to think of something that rhymes to help me remember it. That for me, means that no matter how intelligent or how much someone has (whether that be money, friends or materialistic things), if they have a negative attitude towards life then they will always feel a void inside of them that can never be filled. A good way that I use to remind myself of that is by thinking of times when someone else was being negative and I did not enjoy their company. I am always thankful that the biggest virtue I learned, from my friend Aaron, was that of always being happy no matter what the circumstances are. Every situation has a positive to it, all we need to do is to observe carefully to find it.


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