From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 15

In a previous article, I said I would talk about how getting good grades can actually affect your life. This I learned when someone else said it, and at first I thought it was wrong but then I saw how good grades can actually be harmful in my own life. I noticed how having good grades made me feel superior, which I never told anyone I was better than them or ever made fun of someone for not knowing something but the simple fact that I thought I was more intelligent than someone else closed so many doors. I did not want to talk to people because I thought they would not have anything good to say. It was mostly because I did not know English very well so I could not understand most of the things they said or laugh at their stupid jokes. Now I understand those jokes and find them funny because I learned to see how simple life should be and that one need not to be super intelligent or talented to enjoy it. I learned that mostly from my friend Aaron, although he was very talented at almost everything, he seemed to enjoy those things at which he was not very talented at. I remember a time where I started playing a drum set (in garage band) on my phone and I was frustrated because I could not play it. I showed it to my friend Aaron and he was not able to play either but he had fun playing for a few minutes. He seemed genuinely happy and completely lost as if nothing else in the world seemed to matter. I am not saying he was happier than when he got married but what I am describing is the ability to enjoy the simple things in life and truly enjoy them, even if it is for just a few seconds. It takes about one second for someone to smile and during that time you can make someone else’s day, week, or month better. By simply taking one second to smile and showing that other person you care about them. For a few moments they will feel special. Just think about one time you greeted someone with a smile and they did not smile back. It did not feel so good, did it? That is why I say that sometimes having good grades might affect you, it is a lot of power that not many people can handle. Most of the times they forget to smile because they are thinking of something else. At least, that is how I like to think about it but several others take it personal. Good grades are similar to having a lot of money for adults, that power changes people and makes them feel superior, which eventually leads you to see others as inferiors. I cannot emphasize this more, never feel superior to anyone, you probably are but please do not let it get to your head, humility will always rule. Rudeness might get short term victories on occasions but it will lead to an unhappy life. I have never seen someone extremely successful who was not humble and if they were not humble then we noticed they soon failed. How many athletes, musicians, or movie stars have you seen that have earned millions in the hundreds and lost it? Or just regular lottery winners who end up broke again? Once I was speaking with a friend about how I would drop out of school if I ever won the lottery because I would be different and not spend it all. Unfortunately, that is how people think, most people (including myself) think they are different and would act differently than others but that cannot be further from the truth. Just like bench pressing 500lbs from one day to the next is impossible, changing habits from one day to the next is impossible as well. Mental habits just like physical habits take time to build and nurture. Nobody becomes a body builder from one day to the next or honestly from decade to the next. To truly succeed, time needs to do its work and by that I mean that success does not happen overnight. We have all heard of overnight sensations and people who were poor and the next day were rich but that did not really happen overnight. Those people had been honing their skills for years without receiving any type of compensation but did not give up and stuck with it. Those people did not believe they were better than others, even when they are that is why everybody loves them because successful people truly believe everyone is great and have the capacity to succeed. They know it because they did it themselves and succeeded, which means anyone can do it. So please never see anyone as less, we are all human beings, we all have flaws and virtues, some may have more of each but we all have a few of each. The next time you catch yourself thinking of someone as less intelligent or of less value, think about what they could know that you do not.


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