From Introvert to Extrovert: How to Stay Motivated

I have been talking a lot recently on how to stay motivated but I have not used an example from my personal life. I will give you one as an example so that you can see better how it is used. If you did not know I am a guy (not sure if I mentioned it before) and I like this girl, we will call her Indie. I met her a few months back and we started talking but I guess I was moving too fast when I asked her out (after three weeks of talking to her almost everyday). I still like her, but she does not like me. Who has not been there right? Well, I know I can get her to like me if I do something with my life or if it seems like I might get somewhere. Indie is not a gold digger but nobody wants to go out with someone who seems to have no skill in anything. I believe that if I start having more accomplishments, in my career especially, then she might start to think that I am not such a loser after all. And I do not mean a loser in popularity but a loser in life, who still needs their parents for everything. I love my parents but I do not want to depend on them for the rest of my life. I want to be an independent person, that I can pay my own bills and invite other people out on occasions. I know if accomplish being financially independent, join a band, learn a new skill, or whatever it is that will help me improve in life, that she might turn to look at me with interest again. That she will not just see me as the average preppy college student who is always asking their parents for everything. I have been successful in not asking them for everything besides food and a place to live. I have been wearing the same clothes for years but it is now too old. Now, I need to find a way to make money to at least buy a pair of jeans and shoes from Walmart. Here is where the hard part comes in, I am an international student who is only allowed to study and not work. So let me ask you, how would you make money if you could not work a normal job, or even as a freelancer? How am I supposed to earn money if I am not allowed to even work at a Burger King? I’ve done some odd jobs like helping people move and stuff but it is hard to find those type of things because now people always ask friends or family to help them. So why would they pay someone else when they can find someone that will do it for free? If you have any ideas please let me know because I cannot think of anything. Yet, I still stay motivated to learn new skills and be more intelligent because it will help me one day. Even, when I cannot earn any money, I can still earn knowledge, which is far more important and valuable. But wearing ripped clothes is still embarrassing but what keeps me motivated is knowing that if I work hard enough and be patient, one day she will turn to look at me again with a smile. Then I will know that all the hard work has paid off. I think about her all day long, so that is why I tell you to use whatever it is that you think about all day long to motivate you. If you love it enough, it will fuel you even in the hardest times. Even in those days where gravity seems to want to keep us down. Even in those days, you will be able to stand and keep improving. So, keep it up because each day you can either get closer or farther. It all depends if you keep working hard or not.


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