From Introvert to Extrovert: Part 16

Today I did not feel like doing anything again and I say this to remind you that everyone goes through that period of time when we are always tired and do not feel like doing anything. How to keep going? How I do it is to repeat myself throughout the day that if I do what I am supposed to do then I will get what I want. If I do not then I will keep wearing the same ripped shoes and shirts from four years ago. One sounds like something my mother would say. The other sounds like something my body would say. Here is where the issue of pride comes into play again. We want to do the exact opposite of what our parents tell us but I have bad (in reality they are good) news, your parents are right. Not about everything, since no one can, but they are right about what good habits are. They may not do it themselves but just because your parents tell you to do something they themselves do not do, it does not mean you should not do it either. It is their loss if they do not do it. They are the ones missing out from the benefits. I do not blame them, many parents lack the inspiration to do it, they are wishers who tell their kids to do the things they could not. They want to see their dream come true through you. Sometimes even get upset for the simplest reason, but please understand them. You, the children, give them an excuse to buy something unnecessary like a big TV but you, the children, also give them an excuse to be mediocre.The best motivation I can give you to keep improving is to do those thins which your parents tell you to do. If not, and pay attention, if you do not do what your parents tell you, you yourself will become exactly like them. That is not bad in every case but if you do not want to end up like your parents, do what they do not do, do those things they tell you to do, the things they wish they could do but do not.Ignore your pride and listen to what your parents tell you. Start with a few everyday, just like with habits, you need to start slow, and build up even slower. Like Tai Lopez says, “when everyone else is rushing through life; you take it slow” Follow the road less traveled and see the difference. Everyone wants to take as many classes as they can in college while working a full-time job, thinking they will be the exceptions but sadly only a few truly are exceptions. I learned that the hard way, by thinking I was, always letting my pride control me. Now I am a 20 year old college student who wears ripped Walmart shoes and the same shirts since I was 15 (which now fit me really tight). I wish I had listened to my parents more often but I was too proud, too arrogant, always thinking they told me things just to bother me. Never thinking about the real meaning of their advice, always jealous that they gave my brothers more.Always jealous that others had more. Yet, like I said before, someone else’s life always seems better, no matter what. Unless, you want to end up like me, broke, with no friends, struggling in school, then please listen to your parents. Listen to their advice for as annoying as it might be. Think about your dream and know that by following their advice you will get closer and closer to what your goal in life. Remember that they tell you those things because they do not have the courage and enough will power to do it themselves. Always keep your dream in mind, think of your dream as your fuel, depending on how much you want it will depend how much it fuels you. If you truly want it then it will fuel you for a lifetime but if you do not want it then bad enough then your dream will only fuel you for a week. So think really hard about what it is that you want in life and let that be your fuel.


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