Leisure Time

I know I have been talking about how to stay motivated and that you need to keep doing those small tasks and activities that at the moment seem insignificant but in the long run they make all the difference. Keep doing those but you can feel free to relax from time to time. I do not mean relax as in stop doing the small activities, always do them, no matter what the circumstances are or how hard it might seem at the moment. What I mean by leisure is, that at the end of the day you can take a small vacation, like watching a movie for example, hanging out with friends, or simply laying in bed all day if you don’t have any friends. Let us plan a day of leisure so you have a better understanding of what I mean. So, I for example, like to play the piano for twenty minutes (20), I sketch for seven minutes (27), write poems for seven minutes (34), practice French for seven minutes (41), practice Russian for about seven minutes (48), play guitar for seven minutes (55), practice voice intonation for seven minutes (62), use Revit for thirty minutes (92), write in here (my blog) for thirty minutes (122), and read which takes me about thirty minutes (152). As we can see, it takes me about two hours and a half to get through all of my daily activities. Let me remind you that I started two years ago. When I started I had maybe one or two and as time went by I kept adding more. So, even if you have less than me it is fine because one day you will even be able to surpass me and do more. Now, getting back to the subject of leisure, I will do those activities everyday and only after I have done them will I have earned the right to relax. I say earned the right because how many times have we not tried to relax but could not because of all the things we knew we had to do but kept postponing them. That is not truly relaxing if you ask me. I understand how easy it is to put things off but trust me that once you get those things done you will feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom like never before. At that moment, your mind will feel at peace and satisfied. Even if it takes you about two hours like me, I still have the other twenty-two hours in the day to do what I want. Two is only the 8% of twenty four. Meaning you still have 92% of the time to do what you want. Sounds better putting it that way right? Please think about what it is that you want to do in life. Think about it carefully, so that once we hit the forties mark, it will not affect us as much because we know we have done our part of the deal. We know we put in the work and can now relax the rest of our lives. Keep in mind that just because it takes you forty minutes to do something it does not mean it will always take you that much. As time goes by, those activities which once seemed hard, now will prove to be easy. Hard work does pay off, the only downside is that it takes longer than most people are willing to wait.How I think about it is that I will feel tired no matter what, whether I sleep a lot or just a little, whether I workout or I slack. No matter what I do, I will always feel tired, so doing one more activity should not make that much of a difference. What will make a difference is how much more rested I will feel after doing what I need to do. After working out, I can sit down knowing I have done my physical activity for the day. After, reading I can peacefully watch a dumb movie and not feel guilty about it. Those daily activities give you small boosts in your confidence. Once you feel confident, you will get the best sleep of your life, with no worries about having to wake up early to finish things you could have done yesterday. With no rush to get anywhere because you woke up with enough time to lay down in bed for a few minutes. That is true leisure time, that is how you will finally start to get some good, quality resting time. So, remember work comes first then comes play.


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