“Just Do It” – Nike

We all know that to get something done you simply have to do it yet why do we still not get things done? Well, just as it is easy to do something it is also easy to not do it. As a matter of fact, it is easier to not do it than to do it. Let me give you an example, we all know that washing dishes is easy but it is easier to not wash them and leave them for the next day. We all know working out is easy, I mean there is not much thinking required, all you have to check is that you have the right form and that is pretty much it. So why do many people still not do it, well because it is easier to not work out and go watch a movie instead. Not doing something will always be easier than doing it. Regardless, of how easy it is. So, how do you get yourself to put in that extra work? You basically look at the rewards of doing it. For example, you do not feel like going to work but you go because of the money. With other areas it might seem harder because we do not get paid for working out, reading, or studying, at least not yet. Unless you are a professional athlete you will not get paid to play at a game or to exercise but if you start exercising and become good at a sport, then you will feel more confident about yourself. Who would not feel better knowing they are good at football or any other sport? Would you not feel more confident about going swimming if you knew you looked good? We all love swimming but I have heard some people do not go because they are self-conscious about their looks. That is absurd in my opinion, it would be similar to someone not singing because they are bad singers, or not playing an instrument because they lack the skill to play. We all start somewhere, and the only way you can go is up, if you think about it, it is not as if you can get worse than you already are, right? You cannot miss any more basketball shots than you already miss now, so why not practice a little and improve a little each day. It will take years to get better, but now you acquired a new skill, a skill you lacked before. A skill that only took as little as seven minutes a day. What if I told you that in ten years you could master anything you wanted? I cannot see you right now but I bet you are not very excited about that idea. But with as little as seven minutes every day you can actually become good at something. You could learn a new language, learn how to dance, learn how to sing, and the beauty of it is that you could do all of them simultaneously because it only requires seven minutes each day for one, so doing a few will not take a huge amount of time. So look at the rewards with working out, do not think about the now but think about the later. Think that one day others will look at you and think you are simply a person with a good body. Yes, others will look at you and think you never had to do anything to look good, that you simply have good genetics and that is why you have a rocking body and they do not. In my opinion, those are haters who simply want to make you feel bad and make themselves feel better. Please do not listen to them, keep in mind that others’ people lives always seem better than ours. Which means that our lives always seem better to ours. Crazy, right? We all have the same insecurities and fears as human beings, so we all think pretty much the same. Every time you thought someone else had a better life than you, they probably thought you had a better life than them. By simply doing an activity for seven minutes a day and acquiring a lot of new skills, I can guarantee your life will definitely look better, not only because of other people’s insecurities but if you can do a lot of things then you will definitely feel better. At first you might not be very good, look at me for example, I probably have over two hundred “somethings” or “anythings” or “yous” in this article. My English professor would definitely give me an F if this was an assignment, however this is not an assignment, I do not have to worry about grammar or spelling too much. With time I know I will get better because I cannot get worse. So, do not be self-conscious, break out from the mentality of the bunch and know that one you will be great if you make a small effort each day. Life is a long distance race, so do not worry about running too fast at first, just know that if you keep a steady pace, you will get wherever you want some day.


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