How to Make Things Happen?

This article will include two sections, for those who still live with their parents and for those who live on their own (mostly 27+). Since I am still dependent I will focus mostly on how to start making things happen even while you are dependent of your parents and how to not be anymore. However, I still have some advice for those who already live on their own and basically fend for themselves. This goes for those who live on their own but first let me get you on the mentality to keep moving forward. Remember how you wanted to move out so bad and start living by yourself that you would consider every possible solution and see its benefits and consequences. Since you live by yourself now I am guessing you found one that worked but now you feel a little stuck in your current situation. Well to help you move forward I am going to ask one thing of you, to please feel that desire that you once felt. To feel that excitement of taking on a new task, of wanting it so bad you went over 100 different possibilities and never felt discourage when one did not work, instead you moved on to the next possibility until you found one. What I am asking of you is to take a step backwards and remember what motivated you to do everything you have done up to this point. Remember what habits you had, if you had a morning routine, if you went jogging every Saturday, if you used to call your mom more often, and for as insignificant as something might seem, if you did it and it helped you move forward then start doing it again. The only reason why you feel stuck in life right now is because you dropped a healthy habit that you used to have. I know nobody pays you to be good looking (unless you are a model) but I can guarantee that working out and looking better gave you the confidence to do things you never thought possible. The same goes for reading, playing an instrument/sport, dancing, singing or whatever it was that you did. I do not know you but I know you are starting to remember something you used to do but stopped because it got a little too hard. So, please start doing that activity again and let a little time go by and see how your life path starts to change for the better.

Now to those who still live with their parents. The first you have to do is stop asking your parents for things. Stop asking for money to buy food, to buy clothes, to go out, or for anything else. I know you will say you rarely ask them for anything but I am going to be a little harsh right now, that is a lie. You should start thinking that if your parents give you one penny that it is too much money. If one penny is too much, imagine how much are five dollars or just ten dollars? It is unacceptable to ask them for a single thing, no more asking them for clothes or to go out. If you cannot come up with the money yourself I will have to say that you simply do not get to buy that jacket or go see that movie. It is hard and it is even harder to do because it is so easy to ask them for money but trust me if you want to start living life like it was meant to be, stop asking them, and start doing things that will make you money. Go help the neighbor every rake the leaves or mop the floors at a church. You will start meeting new people and those people will help you grow even more.

From this two paragraphs please remember this, start doing those things that you stopped doing a long time ago and do not ask your parents for a single penny and come up with the money yourself. Do those and see how much more enjoyable life will be and satisfying as well because what is joy without the feeling of satisfaction.


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