“How to Make Things Happened?” – From My Personal Life

I cannot say that what I do works because it has not worked, just yet. I am still in the process of testing it out but I am confident it will work because successful people in the past have done and it worked for them. All I am doing is following their example, so why should it not work for me as well. Today I am going to give you an example of something I am going to do in order to make things work. One important mentality you need to have is that of not being able to afford to be ‘broke’. Yes, you read that right, you cannot afford to be broke, being broke robs you of your right to freedom and happiness. If you have a family I guess you will say you are a happy person but what about that poor person who is single and has no family. I am sure money will not bring him happiness but eating something else than Roman noodles will sure feel great, right? Money does not buy happiness but it certainly helps you enjoy life more. That is why I say you should start thinking that being broke is too expensive of a lifestyle. Trading hours for dollars. I do not want to trade my precious hours for money, I want to spend time doing things I want and like. So yesterday I spoke with Indy, and talking to her always makes me feel great and happy but it also made me realize that I need to start moving forward in life, otherwise she will keep moving and I will be left behind. Therefore, I need to keep improving so that she sees I am not full of hot air and that I actually do the things I say I will do. Well, I found two ways I can start doing something with my life besides school, one is to go to an MMA gym and ask that in exchange for helping clean and organize the place if they can train and set up fights in the future for me. I saw videos on the internet and that is what many UFC fighters did to get started, since they all started with holes in their pockets but their desired to succeed is what drove them to success. After trying that out I will find out more about trading accounts (stock market) because I found an international online trading account because rich people from other countries still want to invest here. The things is that I am not rich and the minimum amount is $3000. That is $3000 which I do not have but I will find a way to get. What I will do is go to a bank, ask to speak to the manager, tell him my story and see if he could make an exception in order for me to get started. Before starting to think about any other ideas I will give those a try first, hoping and giving it my best try so that they work. If they do not work, I will probably cry and be sad for a few days but I will continue to keep looking for ways to do something with my life. I have always loved fighting so I really hope they accept at the MMA gym. The most important aspect about this plan is to actually go and speak to the people today, if I wait I loose. If I wait, nothing will ever happen, it will haunt me forever with that terrible “could’ve” “should’ve” “would’ve”. Thankfully, my desire to impress Indy is so big I know I cannot afford to wait, not if I want to be with her. You might have someone different in mind when trying to accomplish goals like your parents or a friend in need, but most likely I am sure it is a loved one. Someone you care and wish so much to be with them that you would do anything. I would never do this for myself but I am doing because I know there will be a slight chance (probably smaller than a peanut) that she will like me if I accomplish these two things or at least. So I am giving it my all for that small chance. For that small chance I would travel across the universe. All for Indy, a car with no brakes. If you know something will motivate you keep thinking about it. Yet, you will think about it naturally if it is something you truly want. That is my plan to at least be able to have the chance of taking Indy out on a date. It seems easy to do but it is even easier not to do. How easy is your plan? Without regard of how easy or hard it is just please remember to focus mostly on simply doing it. Remember what Nike said, “Just do it.” Those three words seem simple enough but are they hard. Simplicity is the key to life yet many people over complicate things. Try not to be like them and I promise to do the same, it is okay if it seems hard at first. Nothing great happens immediately, just remember to truly learn from your mistakes and make sure they do not happen again.


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