Life Gets in the Way

Yesterday I did not write or go meet with the people from the MMA training gym and I did not get to do several other things as well. I do not like to make excuses or blame others but it was because of my mother. She came to visit and is immediately demanding me to spend time with her regardless of my other plans. Now I do not mind spending with time with my mother but when she interrupts my day from actual important plans that I had then I get a little frustrated and discouraged. Now I have to go over there and explain them why I did not go even when I said I would. That is a bad first impression and even after I tell them my excuse then they will think that is all I am, an “excuse”. No matter how real an excuse seems, whenever we do not get things done we simply cannot do it. If we have no money to buy food it is not as if we can tell our body to not be hungry. No. We HAVE to find a way to get food otherwise we know what happens. Successful people become successful because they never let an excuse get in their way of achieving things. I have to admit I just lost two minutes looking at my phone. I said I was going to look at it for just a few seconds but it turned out to be more than that. Sometimes I simply need time to think about what I am going to write but I want to get to the point of being able to write continuously for at least thirty minutes. Imagine how much I could write in thirty minutes if I did not have to stop and think about what to write next. That would be extremely efficient. I do not plan on becoming a writer but writing should be a skill everyone needs. Yesterday I was deprived of my desired to write, of my desire to face my fears and follow my dreams. Yes I am terrified of going and asking if someone can train me so that I can fight. I feel as if they are just going to laugh at my face, especially because a person that trains there lives in the dorms where I live in. So all these fears of people laughing go through my head and then all these different scenarios play in my head. Constantly, I have to remind myself that those are simply irrational fears and far-fetched scenarios. They could happen, after all everything could happen but the possibility of them happening is the same as my possibility to win the lottery. Almost impossible. If I am not lucky enough to win the lottery that means I am not unlucky enough to have others laugh at me and try to make me stop following my dreams. To say it plain and simple, I am not important enough for others to even talk bad about me. Nobody knows me so it would not be particularly funny if someone makes a joke about someone who no one knows. Please do not let those irrational fears get in the way of following your dreams. Maybe that is what truly stopped me yesterday from going, I bet if I had told my mom she would have freaked out and started to cry, after hearing I want to be a fighter. I could still have gone but I did not want her to know about it, I know how she would react and since it is not a for sure thing yet so why make her worry. I am planning on going today and asking them, the issue is that I have another meeting soon after and I do not know if I have enough time to go to both. Especially if they accept to train and ask me to start right away, which I would. Luckily, the people who I have the other meeting with are achievers and I know they would understand once I explain them. I would tell them before hand but I have noticed that going around and telling everyone about your plans actually ruins and brings bad luck to them. I do not believe in bad luck but I do believe in the law of attraction. That means that when other, usually negative people, hear about your plans they naturally attract negative thoughts to it. Which in turn brings bad fortune to your plans and then a real excuse will come up where you cannot accomplish that goal anymore. So, it is better to keep your plans to yourself and doing them before telling anyone about it because once you do tell someone, trust me that bad things will happen. You simply cannot and must not, it is not keeping secrets. If someone asks you what you are doing and you happen to have done or maybe you are about to go do it then tell them, it is okay but do bring it up yourself.

Remember, keep your plans to yourself, successful people never have excuses and we should not either if we want to succeed. Best of luck in whatever ideas or plans you have. I am sure they are great but just remember to actually go do them so that they work.


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