Rinse, Wash, and Repeat

Continuing on how to get things done, I will expand on what is required which might seem obvious to some but remember that everything is easier said than done. Please take it into consideration and see how you can apply it in your own life.

If you remember I said how I was going to go speak to an MMA gym owner and see if I could help around the gym in exchange for training and hopefully start a career in fighting while I am still young. I did go to one yesterday and they said they already had a kid doing it so they could not give me a position but the owner told me to email her and tell her my story to see what she thinks. I emailed them almost at the end of the day (around 10:00pm) and I still have not heard back from them. I am not a pessimistic person but I know I will probably not hear from them again, it saddens and discourages me but I know that if I keep trying I will soon find someone that does need help around the gym and would not mind training. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done since all the other gyms are far away besides the one I first tried. Well, I tried the best case scenario and it did not work so know I am going to try the other not as good scenarios. The good thing is that they will all get to my end goal, so whether it is a little harder or easier it does not matter, I know sooner or later I will get where I want. As long as I keep putting in the effort and doing the small things that matter the most.

I have a great technique that you can start doing to start noticing the difference that doing small things will bring to your life. I read it in the, “Slight Edge” the book says that instead of writing the things you have to do, to instead write the things you did do at the end of the day. That way you will start to notice if you are really doing what you need to be doing. I recommend this greatly because it will show you how much you need to work on certain while being able to relax in others. Let me warn you, to not do it in your head, please write it down on paper or computer, once you write it down and read it to yourself you will get the full benefit of the exercise. Just thinking about it will not help because our minds can only work on so much whether we like to admit it or not.

So if you want the full effect of actually knowing what you did, then please write it down on paper. Write everything down, for example, how many times you brushed your teeth, if you talked to someone, if you watched TV, if you played video games, if you took a long shower, or short shower. I know it sounds like a lot but write it down simply, we are not writing English academic style essays remember.You can write, “brushed teeth 3 times, long shower, phone talk to mom 4omin” See it does not have to be perfect just as long as it helps you realize what you did.

The point of this exercise is to help you realize that you are not doing the things you want to be doing. I am sure that if you love singing you might not have written it down and if you did then congratulations, you must be happier than most other people. For those other people, if you start doing the things you like to do, trust me that everything will seem better. Even talking to the person that you hate will seem better. Try to enjoy the small things in life. Worry about the small picture for now rather than simply focusing on the big picture. Remember that if you are always looking up you will miss the huge cliff in front of you.

I always talk about keeping your big dream in mind everyday and keep doing it but also remember about the ‘small picture’ activities that will help you get to your end goal. We have to be small before we can be big. Literary and figuratively, first we were small babies and now we are much bigger. Now we are on the bottom of the latter of life and we have to climb up it but that latter is slippery, sometimes others try to make you fall, make you fall by accident, or most times it is simply too had to keep going. But remember that to get to the top of the ladder you have to worry about each individual step you are taking and it is the same with life.


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