How Excuses Can Seem Real

One time I had a piano concert to go because I was playing along with all the other piano players who took classes with the same professor. Well, I was almost late but did not notice it was my fault and actually blamed it on my father. Why and how is that possible I ask myself now.Well I was practicing a little before leaving and told my father to give me a few minutes because he was driving me there. After telling him I was not ready he goes to the couch and relax, you know what a normal person does when they have nothing to do. Well, it is almost time to leave and I tell him that we are ready but he was eating or I cannot remember exactly what he was doing but he told me to wait just a few minutes. Of course now I do not have time to wait so I get frustrated and start blaming him for us being late. You the reader can see I was in the wrong because I was the one that told him to to wait in the first place but when that happened I did not see it like that. I was still young at the time but those bad habits carry on to adulthood unless we do something about it.

It is very easy to blame others for our mistakes, to blame our parents for not giving us enough, to blame our teachers because we fail, to blame the government for what is wrong with the country. The sad and ugly truth is that the one responsible for what happens around us is us. You control the environment around you, you control how people respond to you (most times) and most importantly you respond how to react to each situation.

In every situation there are two mentalities that you can have – a positive and negative attitude. It does not matter how bad the situation might seem there is always a positive side to it. The only exceptions I can think are when someone dies, there is nothing you can do about it and unless you disliked them I doubt you will be happy about it. The best thing to do is to move on and try to do something productive and good in their memory. In every other situation, whether it be that someone yelled or treated you rudely, you can always chose to be the bigger and better person and not let it affect you.

It is similar to when someone you dislike says something inappropriate about you and you pretend like it does not bother you. Even better, that you did not hear it and you keep on with the conversation you were having, knowing that person just made a fool out of themselves because they tried to make you feel bad and they fail. So, from now on, treat every bad situation with that same attitude, whenever someone yells at you on the phone, know they are trying to make you upset as well but do not give them that satisfaction. To truly be better than them is to no lower yourself down to their level.

That is one moment where I can say you are better (at least for that instance) than someone. When you can keep your calm and stay cool even when they completely lose it over unimportant matters. If you are able to maintain your calm and not let other people affect your emotional state then you my friend are onto something. Maintaining your calm when other people cannot keep theirs is a true way to rise and stand out from the rest. You will seem superior in a sense, others will see you as a leader if they know you are a well behave person and situations that affect others do not affect you.

When someone else, yells at you for something that it is not your fault, just do what my father did, keep your calm and do not let it affect you.


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