What Now?

So what now? What is there to do after we have worked hard in trying to achieve our goals? Well let me tell you a hard truth, several people say that the hardest part is the beginning but let me tell you that beginning is not the hardest part. The hardest part is to keep working hard day after day, week after week. It is easy to work hard for a one day but to do it for a long period of time is when it becomes hard. That is why I say to start easy and slow because you may have time and energy to workout for two hours today but that will not happen everyday. And to see an actual difference you need to do it everyday. Consistently, without taking breaks or rests. I was reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and in the book the author explained how success works in a simple analogy. He used farming as an example, he said that to harvest the crops on the fall you need to have planted and watered them all throughout the summer. That it is not possible to want to harvest the crops without having planting them. Or to plant them all and drown them in water just a few weeks before they were supposed to be ready for harvesting. To harvest the crops you need to have planted and taken care of them a little each day throughout the summer. That it is not possible to leave all the work for last minute and hope the crops grow from one day to the next just because you planted them and irrigated them with enough water. That is the part of success that most people forget, most people think that just working hard is enough but it is not. You need to work hard consistently, and consistenly means everyday, you do not need to overwork yourself but you do need to do those little actions everyday. Like writing for 10 minutes everyday or working out for only 20 minutes everyday. The first day will feel like nothing but trust me that after a few months it will feel harder and harder. It becomes hard because it becomes repetitive and boring, after some time it lost the spark of exploration and the excitement of trying something new. But that is because you have not reached the next level. You will reach level naturally but it takes time. Please be patient, keep mastering your craft day in and day out and you will see the results of your effort and patience. It might take longer than expected but trust me that it will be worth it.


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