Keep Bad Thoughts Away

One good way to go down the vicious cycle is by speaking bad of other people. Why? Simple. What do you gain by saying that someone else is worth than you? Nothing. I know it feels good to speak badly of others but there is no point in doing it. Let me give you an example, let’s say I do not like Justin Bieber so you decide to start criticizing his music and saying how bad a musician he is. I am not a professional musician myself and I certainly have not made any money with music. So why do I have to go on criticizing him just because I do not like his music. It certainly will not make me a better musician because of it and it certainly will not make me earn any extra money with music. The funny thing is that it will not even affect Justin Bieber, he is not even present while I am criticizing him so he is still enjoying his life while I am here being a negative person and ruining the environment of those around me. See how the only person that loses when you talk bad about someone is yourself? Trust me that you will not gain anything by criticizing someone else, if you do not like them I recommend to keep some distance, otherwise do not even waste time thinking about them. I do not have anything against Justin Bieber but I know many people dislike, although mostly guys. Those guys who dislike him are nothing but haters, haters who are so angry that they could not accomplish the things he has. They get angry at a white from Canada because he did what many others did not. They hate on Justin Bieber and try to diminish his accomplishments to make themselves feel better. Do not fall on that cycle of criticizing others just because it feels good at the moment. It is the same as eating a dessert when you promised to start a new diet just because it feels good at the moment. Do not do things out of impulse and you will notice how much your life starts to change. Be more positive and if any negative thoughts about yourself or other people enter your mind, remind yourself to get rid of that thought and do something that will actually help you move forward in life.


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