Learn From My Mistakes

All I can offer you know is a description of my life and the things I do daily, I believe you can learn from my mistakes because it is always easier to look at someone else’s mistakes than our own. That is why I will keep this virtual journal of my life, what I think, what I do, what I do not, what I plan to do, what I should not have done. Right now I feel stuck in my life and do not know exactly what to do. I cannot get a job, I cannot get a girlfriend, and I do not seem to have real friends to hang out with. I do not blame anyone for that, I believe that if I do not have something it is because I have not earned it yet. All I am left to think is that there might be a fault in my attitude, character, or habits. All my life consists of is of doing homework and brainstorming ideas on how to make money. Recently, I noticed how much time I waste without even realizing, especially on my phone which I think it is one the biggest traps unless you know how to use it. Two days ago I said I would only watch one video before starting my homework and ended up spending about an hour in it, all doing nothing, I did not even talk to anyone. I do not know if you remember but I am an international student which means I cannot get a job because I do not have a social security number. Throughout the whole five years that I have been in the United States I used that as an excuse for being broke and never doing anything. Until a few months ago I decided that cannot keep going on. No matter what I need to find a source of income or at least find something that leads my life somewhere. I do not want to be another college student who thinks they will get a stable job once I graduate. That cannot be farther from the truth, several people are graduating with poor grades and think that only because a few successful people graduated with poor grades but still became successful, that they can become successful too. I have been victim of myself, of self-helplessness, always blaming others for the faults in my life but not anymore. I know what I can and cannot control, so from now on I will worry only on what I can control. No more self-helplessness.


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