How Long Do We Have to be Persistent For?

I heard persistence is great quality that will help us succeed. Yet why are many people not being persistent? When is it that persistence starts to look like nothing more than a waste of time? I have not reach success in any areas of my life – financially, academically, physically, or emotionally. I started about one year and a half ago to actually change my mindset and my attitude towards life. I started seeing life as opportunistic rather than looking at it from a scarcity perspective. I started to see how abundant was the world and realized that I could get a piece of the pie too. The question was how to get it? Where to look? What flavor will that pie be? With all that in mind I went on to read, watch YouTube videos, and start talking to more people because I found out that success is not about what you know but who you know. You can be the most intelligent, strongest, fastest person alive but if you do not know anyone and have no way of putting your skills to good use then it will be the same as if you were not intelligent, strong, or fast. One of the best aspects of life is that us underdogs can still come out on top. The 21st century is the Golden Age for the underdogs. Back in caveman times, only the strongest and best hunter would have the right to mate and reap the rewards of the hunt and basically have the whole tribe give them a little piece of what they got because if not then the strongest could do whatever he wanted because he was the strongest and there were no weapons or anything that would help the physically weak to get what they wanted. Now if you are smart and witty you can earn a lot of money, especially if you know the right people. You need persistence to get to the top and start meeting powerful people, now the most powerful is not the one who is the strongest or most intelligent but that who is able to adapt, knows how to treat people, and has good connections. You just need to prove your worth in whatever your craft is but to master that craft you need persistence. How long does it take? I have seen some people become successful in two years, others in twenty, and the majority never. It is all about how much work you put in and for how long. That is why I said you need persistence because you can do a lot in one day but to succeed you would have to do that same amount of work for an extended period of time. So do not get frustrated or disappointed if things do not work out as quickly as you expected. Just give it some time, soon that hard work will run on autopilot to the point where you do not even feel tired anymore and before you know it success will knock on your door. Keep your chin up and always think about your dream everyday, it will help you get by.


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