What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do?

So I am on Spring Break and have the whole day to do nothing but relax. I feel useless doing nothing so I worry about doing actual productive activities but end up not doing them anyways. That brings huge amounts of unnecessary stress and a great cost because I do not get anything done but I feel tired as if I would have. How many of you have felt like that before? Is it not a horrible feeling to just worry about things but not knowing how to fix them? Or not knowing what to do when we feel we should be doing something? I just know that doing something is better than nothing, even if it is a small activity like drawing, cleaning, working out, or any other activity you can think of. I am not achieving to be a jack of all trades but I believe that if you have time once a week to do something you would not normally do like play golf or go swimming then go do it. A good aspect about those activities is that they feel natural and not forced, for example remember a time when you went out with a friend and you ran into other friends who were going to play basketball or do something else? That is what I mean by doing activities sometimes. I call these opportunistic productive times, times when you did not plan to do anything but it turns out that you will end up doing something. The best part about this is that you end up feeling better, you are happy and feel satisfied. I am going to ask you to please remember how you felt after running into your friends and going to do something. I am sure you felt good not only for playing basketball (or whatever else you guys did) but also because you got to spend time with your friends. That felt good right? Now I am going to ask you to remember something else, remember how you felt before going? I personally remember times when I did not want to hang out with some friends or family because I thought it would be boring and went reluctantly. Only to have it turn out as a great time. So whenever you do not feel like doing anything, please go do it and see how much better you will feel. Of course, please keep everything legal and ethical, if your hunch tells you not to go with your friends because they plan to go get high and then go drive somewhere else, then I say to follow your hunch and not go with them. But if they ask you to go with them to play basketball or go do something and you are not sure about it then I say to go with them and if you do not have fun then at least you will know next time not to go with them again. Just because something feels uncomfortable it does not always mean it is a bad thing. Most times we triumph once we get out of our comfort zones and once nothing becomes uncomfortable then you can truly feel comfortable anywhere in the world. Maybe this article helps, it probably does not and my mind is telling it will not but I know that getting out of my comfort zone is important so I am going to do it anyways. There is nothing unethical or illegal about writing this article which means nothing is stopping me from writing it. Go and do whatever thought is in your mind, do it right now and do wait a second longer. Trust me that you will feel much better afterwards.


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