Just Give It a Try

A few weeks ago I talked about how you should give things a try, for example when your friends invite you to go out but you are not sure about going. In those situations I recommend extremely that you go and see how much fun you will have. I will give you an example from my life that just happened yesterday. I went to an MMA gym to ask if I could train with them but if I could help out by cleaning or doing other tasks because I cannot afford the membership. They told me that they do not have anything right now but to still try out the free week they give to all new students and see if something pops up in the meantime. So I went for the week and I liked a lot and I showed them I was not simply there to waste time or to try and show off. Everyone in there is very friendly and nice, the owner, the coaches, and the students. Getting back to the point, yesterday they hosted a fund raising event where they had food, drinks, and music at someone’s house. I was not sure about going because I did not know anyone very well besides small talk at the gym. I still went but before going in I got an anxiety attack and got nervous and wanted to leave but my mind told me to stay, my mind reminded me that I have social anxiety and that in reality I should not feel nervous for being around people. The worst that could have happened is that they had told me to leave or that nobody liked me, but again that is my anxiety talking. So I went in and as soon as I walked in someone greeted me in a friendly manner, which helped a lot in calming me down, then I went around saying hi to everyone and simply talking to everyone in a friendly way. The night turned out to be fantastic, I had so much fun and got to know everyone a little bit more. I spoke to the owner and he told me that he might let me clean and help out around the gym. I was extremely happy when I heard that and I must have smiled in a stupidly, gaily manner.

The point of this article was to show how good things can come from situations that at first you felt unsure of. Always give it a try and see what comes out of it.

On a side note, I noticed that the owner of this gym is successful because of his desire to help out others. I went to a few other gyms but they did not even consider me but he knew since the beginning I could not pay but he still told me to give it a try and stay positive. That is an extremely good quality that everyone says they have but only a few people do. He is one of them and I know that is why he has succeeded up to this point and will continue to succeed.


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