A Penny a Day Will Place You Above the Rest

I recently read, “The Slight Edge” and in there they told a fable, I forgot the name of it but it talked about the story of two brothers, whose wealthy father was about to die and he gave them a choice. He told them that they could either get one million dollars or get a penny that would double everyday. Then he gave them both a book of fables. At the end of the day both of the brothers goes to bed, one of them is fantasizing about what he would do with the million dollars. The other unable to sleep, read one of the fables in the book, the fable was about a water hyacinth. It went like this, there was a water hyacinth who would multiply itself with each day, it started to grow next to a little stream but nobody noticed they hyacinth since it was so small and all the other plants and organisms would laugh at it because of it. Yet the water hyacinth was persistent and patient, and simply kept doing its own thing, the water hyacinth knew its growth rate was exponential, so as the days went by it kept expanding more and more. Until one day, before everyone knew it, the water hyacinth had covered the whole stream. Nobody believed what they were seeing because how was it possible that such a small plant could have covered so much area? The morale of the story is that thanks to exponential growth something extremely diminutive can grow to great extents in a significantly short period of time. After reading the story the brother was so tired he fell asleep. The next day they go to their father each with a choice in mind, one brother took the million dollars and the other took a penny. The brother with the million dollars went to hire a team of experts, marketers, consultants and who knows what else to start a company. He was sure he would succeed. The other brother took the penny. So the first few weeks go by and the brother with the million dollars is enjoying his life, thinking he would make millions of dollars thanks to his team while the other barely even had any money. A few months go by and the brother who took a million dollars is now in debt because of all the money he spent on advertisements plus having to pay everyone he hired. Desperate to pay his debt he went to his brother to tell him, his brother whose money had doubled itself everyday for a month, was now a millionaire. How could that happen asked his other brother. Well, for the first three weeks the money did not increment that much but once it reached $1000 it multiplied to $2000, then to $4000, and it went on like that until it reached well over one million. So, he was able to lend his brother money to pay his debt and he still had enough to live a happy life.

A lot of people will think that he started with nothing but he started with a penny. A penny is all you need to start making a difference in your life because little by little will turn into great eventually. All you need is patience and determination because unlike the story, nobody will double the penny for us. In our lives we have to put the work that will double our penny everyday and thankfully it has to just be a small amount of work. Why does nobody do it you will ask? Well, just as it is easy to do, it is even easier not to do. That is why nobody does it, because it easier to not do it.

If you learned anything from this article I hope it was this, that no matter how little the work or the results might seem they will be big eventually. After what is one hundred dollars? Nothing but ten thousand pennies, a lot of pennies but with time and patience it is an achievable goal. Soon all your little results will add up and you will see the difference but just remember to do that small amount of work everyday consistently. Life is a long distance race, so take it slow.


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