You Are Not the Unluckiest Person

This articles goes to those people who are always worrying about the worst case and to those who love playing the “what if” game. I do not know but I can guarantee you are not the luckiest person in the world. That is something good because according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” That means that if you are the luckiest person you will also be the unluckiest person. That also means that if you are not the luckiest person you will not be the unluckiest person either. So just how you do not win the lottery you will also not die a horrible death or suffer a terrible tragedy. That only happens to extremely lucky people. Nobody will come and kidnap you and nobody will humiliate you for something little. You can go ahead and do something that might seem risky to others just remembers that the odds of you making it (lucky) are the same of something terrible happening (unlucky). It is a straight forward this concept, most people lie in the middle meaning they will not achieve great things but they will also not suffer terribly. They think they will suffer terribly from hearing stories that happened to a friend of a cousin of third cousin of your grandparents (get the point?). Do not let fear control you and if you want to achieve great things you should think on the rewards rather than the consequences. Think of what will happen if you make instead of what will happen if you do not. The law of attraction is real so if you keep having bad thoughts bad things will happen but if you have positive thoughts and work hard to make them come true then they will come true thanks to your positive thinking and hard work. It will not come through magic but it will definitely not come if you are a pessimist and do not even try. If you try the chances might be one in a million yet there is still a chance but if you do not try then there are zero chances of you not achieving it. By not trying you cut your success rate by one hundred percent. So always try without regard of how far fetch it might seem. If it is your dream then it is worth following it.


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