Develop Habit First, Skill Will Come With Time

I have heard a lot of people say that they are not talented or that they do not have any skills. There is no such thing as natural talent, nobody has natural born talent. That is just the excuse people give themselves to not try something and those who are already good use it as motivation to keep going. But nobody was born with the talent to be a writer, an artist, an athlete, or a mathematician. Talent goes hand in hand with habit because habit is just practice over time. The difference between habit and practice is that habit feels natural, practice feels forced. Practice is good, I am not saying is bad but if you can develop a habit first the practice will feel much more enjoyable. Those who truly practice are those who had already develop the habit, they start practicing because they want to get better and have to take more time out of their day doing that activity. Let’s say you want to start playing guitar. Most people would say that they need to start practicing but that will lead to failure unless you are the exception. Sadly, exceptions are exceptions for a reason because they are rare. I am not the exception and have learned that practicing leads to failure. You first need to develop the habit so that it feels more enjoyable. I have to admit that developing a habit will feel forced at first but that is just how it works. Yet the good part is that to develop a habit you only need a few minutes everyday. Personally, I use seven minutes to start doing whatever new activity I want to do. Seven minutes is the magic number. Seven minutes accumulates to hundreds of hours over years. Seven minutes do not feel that forced. If you get bored three minutes in you know you only have to endure another four minutes. That helps psychologically because spending thirty minutes doing an activity you are barely starting to do will feel like hell. For as much as you think you like it I can guarantee that within a few days it will start to feel harder and harder. So just do a few minutes every day, have patience, when I say patience I mean patience, as in a few years of patience and you will start to notice the improvement coming.


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