Do Not Let Fear Control You

Since a long time ago I have been wanting to climb a construction crane. A few weeks ago I was shooting a film with some friends because one of them was a film major and needed some people for his film so he asked us to be in it. After we are done shooting they point out how crazy it would be to climb a construction crane. At that moment it hit me that I could not wait any longer they had nothing to do with it but I realized I could not procrastinate any longer on things that I want to do. So I went the next day to climb it but I thought there was an alarm so I left quickly but at least I went to the top. It has been almost a week since then and today I am planning on going to it again and go to the very tip. It will be even better because I have seen that there are people that hang from them or do hanging sit-ups from them. I will do both just to do it, for the adrenaline. The hanging sit-up is not as scary as hanging from it and I told some people and they all say that I am going to die. Now I think I should not have told them because I feel they will pass on their negativity to me and something bad might happen but whatever I will still do it and I learned my lesson to not share everything with everyone, it is a very bad idea. Always keep your ideas to yourself because other people will bring bad luck to your idea, for as crazy as that might sound. Now I am starting to think that I might fall but then again it is very unrealistic because I have hang from other stuff before and nothing happened so just because this is higher up from the ground it should not be any different. However if I do fall then at least I am glad I started this blog and hopefully some people found it useful. I am 100% positive I will not fall but accidents do happen so nothing is 100% guaranteed. How I see my life is that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For those who have nothing then that is how they should see their lives also. If you have nothing right now then great, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain like me. All I can say is to not let your fear consume you. There are two types of pains in this world – the one from regret of all the things you did not do or the one from all the hard work and scary situation that you went through to achieve your goal. Think about which one is more bearable in the end. Some people say that each person’s life is a movie of their own but most of them are boring movies. I want mine to be filled with fun and adventure while I can. Only those that really suffered and worked hard are the ones that reap the rewards. Nowadays it is not so much about working hard, it is about efficiency and working strategically but that is talk for another day. Anyways go ahead and live your life to the fullest, never listen to nay sayers even if they say it is for your own benefit. Do what feels right for you (that is ethical as well) and do not care about what others think. If you do something that might risk your life then be sure to go smiling because if you are leaving then at least go happy.


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