Take Baby Steps

So I decided to go at around 11pm to the crane yesterday, I asked a lot of people but just about two told me they would go and just one ended up going with me. One was a guy and the other a girl so guess who bailed out. The guy! So remember that girls can do even more than guys and never think they would not be able to do something. Well so we go, it took us a while to get in because there were a lot of people around so we just walked around the construction site for a few minutes until we were able to get in from the most obvious part but we were fine. So I knew exactly how to get there so it did not take us long to get to the crane and it there was a lot of light even though it was at night. So we go into the crane and climb up it through the ladder that is in it, we get to the top and I was ready to go hang from it but let me tell you that once I was up there that thought of hanging from it went out the window. No joke. I could not even look down without getting dizzy, it was as if all my confidence and determination left me. I want to say this is a different type of fear because I guess I could have really died but then again it is just another fear that can be overcome. The crane and fear beat me this time but rest assure that I will keep trying and going up it until I become comfortable and can hang from it. I may have lost this battle but I am young and broke so all I have is time and patience. That is all I need and luckily that is what I have, with time, patience, and determination I can overcome my fear of heights and hang from that crane. If I do not try I will live with the pain and regret of never doing it which is far worse than death. I have seen people who live with regrets and honestly I would rather risk my life to overcome those fears and live regret free. If you are in a similar situation, all I can say is to take it slowly but practice. If you are scare of heights go climb something high and take baby steps because even if it takes a long time you will definitely achieve your goal ‘slowly but surely’. I am disappointed and sad to say that I was too afraid to try yesterday but I am proud to say that I will take it slow, get comfortable, and achieve my goal one day. Because at the end of the day, all you really have is time.


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