How to Be More Energized

This article is targeted to younger guys mostly but it applies to all audiences. When I was in my teens I felt tired all the time, I felt I did not have the energy to do anything and my mind always seemed disturbed. I never knew why so it went on for years up until I was 19. That is when I realized what was ruining my life – masturbation. It may sound funny and amusing but believe that doing that every so often can ruin your life more than you can think of.

If you do it often and watch pornography as well, then that feeling of tiredness and having a boggled mind will not go away. You will not be able to think properly and you will not be able to function properly either. Masturbation is not the same as sex, sex with another human being will actually help you. Masturbation can only harm you, it will not make you go physically blind but it will certain blind your mind from the rest of the world.

If you really feel the need to do it, try another alternative, a sport, a board game or even video games. Just whatever it takes to get your mind busy and keep it busy doing something productive rather than just wasting time.

It might seem hard at first but trust me that once you break that habit you will much happier. Honestly, masturbating is just for teenagers too, as an adult you should not have the need to do it, either you need to find a real human partner or you have way too much free time. Which anyone it is fix it as soon as possible.


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