“The Person Who Chases Two Rabbits, Catches None”

I have been trying to get good at a lot of things, at this point I realized I could not reach professional level, especially at that many activities but I still wanted to be proficient at them. Those were playing the piano, pool, juggling a soccer ball, speaking Russian, drawing, using a software to build 3D models, skating and working out.

I only spend a few minutes doing each, at the most twenty and the least seven minutes but it still takes quite a good amount of my day to do them all. I realized that if I tried to become good at all of them I would only become disappointed because although everything is possible I have to be a realist as well, I have school and a job now to worry about it so instead of going for skill and improvement, I will be trying to achieve happiness.

Now instead of getting upset at not being good in a certain activity I will try to be happy just for having the opportunity of doing it because some people do not even have time to do anything else since they have kids and other responsibilities. Well, everyone does have time, after all, we all have 24 hours in a day, not a single person has less or more but that is a talk for another time.

Today, I want to focus on being happy for having the opportunity of doing something rather than being upset for doing it or feeling the responsibility of doing that activity which you want to do. Let’s that during your lunch break instead of watching a TV show, why not spend that time reading while you eat? Or instead of watching junk TV why not watch a documentary or a video on how to do something?

See how now you start ‘adding’ more time to your day? Before you had to eat, now you have time to learn a new language. Let me give you another example of how you can add more time to your day. While you wait for the bus you can read, listen to a podcast, sing (quietly would be wise), practice your conversational skills, do some squats or workout a bit if you do not mind people looking but see how your day becomes longer and how you can start getting more things done. Before you had to wait for the bus, now you have time to finish reading a book, learn a new language, even to workout, you can get a great five to seven minute workout if you truly wanted to.

The problem is nobody every truly wants to, they say they do but their actions speak louder than their words just as the saying goes. A few days ago, I was skating and I saw a nice car pass by yet this time instead of saying, “I really want a car like that.” I asked myself, “How can I get a car like that?” Just that starts changing your mentality and although doing it one time will not make a huge difference the more you start to do it the more it will start to make a change in your life.

Change the current things that you are doing if you truly want to see change. Because how will you see any change if you keep doing the same things? I remember watching an episode in Seinfeld, where George said he would do the completely opposite of what he had been doing. So in the episode they were seating at the usual coffee shop that they frequented when a beautiful woman walks in and Elaine tells George to go talk to her. George said he would not do it but then remembered he would do the completely opposite, so he went and talked to her and the woman seemed to actually be interested in him after he said the most ridiculous thing ever.

Of course, that was supposed to be funny but that is how it works in real life as well, you might not get lucky immediately but the more positive changes that you start doing the more positive your life will start to be.

So go and change one bad habit you have now, just focus on one and worry about the other ones later and you will see how things start to change in your life.


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