How Positive Self Esteem Works

Today I was listening to a podcast on personal growth while organizing my room since I had just moved into a new room. Instead of listening to music I decided to listen to something that could help me improve as a person. There were several episodes that I listened to but one that stuck out from the rest was one that talked about the importance of not thinking that you are any different than other people. Whether that be it that you think you are better or whether you think you are worse. No one is better or worse than others. Let me give you an example, if a man thinks he is better than others he assumes others owe him because he is better. On the other hand, if a man thinks he is worse than he will think others owe him because he is worse and needs help. We see that both situations are different but in both cases the man is looking for the same result and has the same mentality. That others should help him for whatever the reason may be.

We are all responsible for ourselves and should not blame or expect anything from others, even if others seem to have more or if they seem to have an easier life in general we should never expect anything from anyone. Remember this saying as because let me tell you that when I heard it for the first time, my whole life changed. “The world is not yet a crazy enough place to give people what they do not deserve.” Of course, we have all seen TV shows like “Sweet 16” where the parents spoil their kids by giving them everything but they are the exception. As a general rule of thumb we all have to work for what we want and if we do not then we do not get anything. As simple as that. But I digress from my point.

So the podcast talked about how we are not any different than anyone else, for better or for worse, all of us are humans and for the most part we have the same capabilities. Then it went on to talk about how positive, successful people look at themselves. It said that successful people never think they are perfect for as perfect as they might seem. Successful people always look at their faults and flaws but rather than letting those flaws bring them down emotionally. Successful people find solutions for how to fix those flaws and take action immediately to fix them rather than waiting. Successful people also look at ways on how to help others grow rather than trying to succeed just by themselves. After all, humans are social animals and need groups to survive.

For the major take away, please remember that you are not better or worse than anyone else and that we all need to work as equally as hard to achieve our goals. Always help others when possible. Always look at your qualities and flaws but don’t let either get the best of you.


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